Saturday, 8 March 2008

Ladies Matter 8

A~ wonders...

"Nearly 30,00 women are made redundant in the UK each year when they reveal that they are pregnant. While it is illegal to ask a woman details of her family during interview, people like Sir Alan Sugar regularly express their reluctance at hiring a woman in child-bearing age (whatever that it is!) for fear that 6 months down the line, she might turn around and announce that she's pregnant and the employers would have to then start hunting again for someone to cover during maternity and bear the additional expenses.

Now, my question is, if I run a small business that cannot handle the additional expenses involved in paying for someone during their maternity break, is there anything wrong in not hiring someone who might look like she may want to start a family soon (though, god knows how you can know that during an interview)? Does seeing both sides of the issue make me less of a 'feminist'?


vinod said...

when one hires a person, one cannot make out or predict if some one is going to get pregnant or even greviously ill (involving a long lay off) ,my response in both cases would be - if he/she is worth the wait -support them and take them back . if the indvidual is not worth the effort/time , i will let them off my pay roll with adequate Remuneration

Shyam said...

Vinod's solution seems fair to me.

Kshama said...

Does pregnancy make someone redundant for life? I agree that its difficult for small organisations to find replacement/ handle additional expenses. But if she is worth your organisation, she probably is worth the wait as well. After all in a career span of years, maternity leave is matter of months.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is a very common issue, which nobody ever dares to talk about. Bravo to your spirit (especially giving two sides).

I once had a colleague who joined when she was 3 months pregnant (I was aware my boss wasnt!). He was upset that he wasnt told during interview. But this girl, actually worked with me on her delivery day, until 6pm, was driving home, decided to check in the hospital on the way, and gave birth by morning.

I have both sides too. I do believe it is terrible when my teaching partner goes to delivery, and I have to take her load!!! :) ...
But I have seen many sweet things on the other side too.

Today, I am aware of a lot of jobs that can be very productively handled by mothers of infants. It needs just a very good infrastructure of network connectivity from their homes!

When I became a tiny little boss, I had two women work extremely productively! :) ... I promised them in a high moment that if ever get capable I will start a company where I employ only expectant and new mothers!!! :) I think I dont have the money or courage to start any company, but I do have a very clear idea on how to employ such a woman.

Hey did you know "online Hindu" was actually an idea of a very productive pregnant woman who wanted to make best use of her home time? Yes, a girl just like you and me!

The salary will be purely based on the product, not number of hours or days. They are like consultants.