Friday, 4 April 2008

Ladies Matter 15

A~ wants to know...

"I know of at least 3-4 languages in which the word for female genitalia is used as a swear word. How come no one ever uses 'penis' to tell someone off?"


"Why is childcare a woman's issue alone? How come men never get asked or judged on whom they leave their kids with? Or how often they stay away from home/children?"

Ladies Matter 14

Meera asks...

"Why is that the "stress factor " always talked abt for working women? I understand that she has many roles to play.But what abt homemakers who have given up their career and have a lot of time?Arent they stressed? Mostly magazines and self help books cater to them and is all abt stress management and how to overcome the health problems."

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Ladies Matter 13

Ann wonders...

"Why do I see so many families hiring young children to look after their babies? If someone wants help looking after their kids fine, but why not hire someone over the age of 18? and why is it that the people who employ these children feel that it's ok to dump them with everything? At Lifestyle the other day I saw a girl who couldn't have been more than 8 carrying her employer's baby, diaper changing bag AND all their shopping bags, while mother and father walked about eating an ice cream and talking on their phone. Ok, I know there's no real answer to this, but still I wanted to vent"

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Ladies Matter 12

A~ has something on her mind...

"Why do women feel the compelling need to constantly explain and defend their single/childless state? Whereas, we rarely find a married woman or a mother explaining her decision to marry or have kids?"

Monday, 24 March 2008

Ladies Matter 11

Traveller wonders...

"Why do some of us like abuse? Why do we condemn it as a third person but justify it in first person?"

Ladies Matter 10

Mi-apan is irked...

"Why does it bloody bother you guys, when a girl uses profanity?

Next time when you use the F-word, can we stop pretending like we never heard it, and actually tell you that your moral values need a check and that good Indian boys don't swear?"

Monday, 10 March 2008

Ladies Matter 9

Sri has a question...

"While menstrual cramps and childbirth pains are inevitable (okay, there may be some choice with the latter), why do so many women choose to endure avoidable pain on a daily basis by wearing high heels?"

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Ladies Matter 8

A~ wonders...

"Nearly 30,00 women are made redundant in the UK each year when they reveal that they are pregnant. While it is illegal to ask a woman details of her family during interview, people like Sir Alan Sugar regularly express their reluctance at hiring a woman in child-bearing age (whatever that it is!) for fear that 6 months down the line, she might turn around and announce that she's pregnant and the employers would have to then start hunting again for someone to cover during maternity and bear the additional expenses.

Now, my question is, if I run a small business that cannot handle the additional expenses involved in paying for someone during their maternity break, is there anything wrong in not hiring someone who might look like she may want to start a family soon (though, god knows how you can know that during an interview)? Does seeing both sides of the issue make me less of a 'feminist'?

Friday, 7 March 2008

Ladies Matter 7

Shirsha wonders...

"Why do women check out other women? Do men check out one another too?"

Ladies Matter 6

a4isms' grouse is...

"Why is it that the whole country goes wah...wah.... over men's cricket in India and when there are women's tournaments( World cup, Asia cup...and tours), nobody even bothers to switch on the telly? Why are there only cricket stars... and no 'starina's? Why doesn't the media go ga-ga over Jhulan Goswami who did a great 10/78 against England in they do with a sreesanth or a Prashanth Kumar? Why is no woman cricketer seen in any ad????"

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Ladies Matter 5

Shyam wonders...

"Why do women always rush to be hospitable? Whether it's just making the tea or getting the drinks, whether at home or at work? Even when a male colleague offers to make tea for everybody (a rare occurrence), most of the women in my office always refuse and counter-offer with"I'll do it" - and of course the guys just sit back after that. And this in a supposedly less chauvinistic workplace in a western country!"

Ladies Matter 4

Anuja's gripe is this...

"Why is it that men who drink are seen as professional, macho, cool, manly while women who drink are seen as promiscuous and slutty and immoral? Why is it that men who sleep around are congratulated for their numerous conquests but a woman who does is considered of having no values? Why are men and women judged on different criteria? Notice how bachelor and spinster have different connotations?

On a vaguely unrelated note, I wonder how destabilizing it will be for the Indian society when women refuse to be expected to conform and do the housework and take care of the kids but insist on sharing responsibility with the men.

Ah I feel better now. Thank you!"

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Ladies Matter 3

A~ wonders...

"Why do we need a separate award for best actress and best actor? I can understand when we have a gender based prize when the winner is at an advantage due to his/her gender. Like say in an athletic contest. But when it is skill-based, why have a separate category for men and women? We certainly don't have one for literary awards. So why have one for contest like acting or chess?"

Ladies Matter 2

Raji wonders....

"Why is there a tacit assumption, even to this day, that women need to be juggling both career and home and keep making attempts to achieve the super woman status? Why is an unusually aggressive, career-minded woman looked upon as selfish and self-centered? How come such women almost invariably feel compelled(guilt tripped) to tone down her aspirations and focus on becoming a grihini after the arrival of kids and schooling and parenthood? How come its only a chosen few women who get to have their cake and eat it too? How come most Indian women who are at the helm of their career and making striedes are usually single or divorced? "

Ladies Matter 1

Raaga wonders....

"Wanted to deliberate, argue on the importance of procreation. In a country, where millions are orphans, we hear about medical advancement and huge sums of money spent for conceiving!!!! Why is motherhood restricted to having your own baby? Also isnt life complete without a kid? Cant woman move and explore life beyond marriage, kids and still not feel guilty about being career minded.

I believe the path of life we follow need not follow pattern. Am I right??? Or motherhood only completes a woman... "