Friday, 7 March 2008

Ladies Matter 6

a4isms' grouse is...

"Why is it that the whole country goes wah...wah.... over men's cricket in India and when there are women's tournaments( World cup, Asia cup...and tours), nobody even bothers to switch on the telly? Why are there only cricket stars... and no 'starina's? Why doesn't the media go ga-ga over Jhulan Goswami who did a great 10/78 against England in they do with a sreesanth or a Prashanth Kumar? Why is no woman cricketer seen in any ad????"


A-kay said...

Well, from someone who is crazy about cricket (men's cricket that is) - this is a tough question to answer. Before you jump to conclusions, in my defense, I have tried to watch Women's cricket on TV whenever it was available and read about it in "The Hindu". However, slowly my interest waned. Part of the reason could be that the fun of watching a game (any game for that matter) is in enjoy it in a crowd and discuss about it with others - somehow never found anyone else with interest in Women's cricket. Most friends of mine had zero interest in cricket and the ones that had were interested in cricket, as well know it. One reason that I could think of is no big media coverage, not a lot of news articles or post-game analysis being done, and hence it doesn't form a topic of discussion - a vicious cycle, one that is hard to break but should be broken nevertheless.

On a slightly related note, how come Women's Tennis is equally (if not more :) ) popular than Men's Tennis. May be there is a lesson or two for the Women's cricket association to learn from WTP?

Anonymous said...

have u watched women's cricket? (snickers)
i wouldn't piss or shit on them.