Monday, 24 March 2008

Ladies Matter 10

Mi-apan is irked...

"Why does it bloody bother you guys, when a girl uses profanity?

Next time when you use the F-word, can we stop pretending like we never heard it, and actually tell you that your moral values need a check and that good Indian boys don't swear?"


Shyam said...

ha, nice one. Long back when I was chatting online (with people I didnt know on a topic of common interest), I used the f-word. An Indian guy in the discussion, who was using plenty of profanity, immediately sent me a private message in utter shock - "Arent you a decent Indian girl? How can you use words like that?". I just told him to f-off and be a little less hypocritical... and of course after that it was all abuse all the way and I had to turn the "ignore" setting on. :)

Anonymous said...

not all of us are like that.
and there're plenty of gals i know who object to us using such a lang evn thou they know it's become part of our vocab.
so stop generalizing just for the sake of men-bashing.