Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Ladies Matter 13

Ann wonders...

"Why do I see so many families hiring young children to look after their babies? If someone wants help looking after their kids fine, but why not hire someone over the age of 18? and why is it that the people who employ these children feel that it's ok to dump them with everything? At Lifestyle the other day I saw a girl who couldn't have been more than 8 carrying her employer's baby, diaper changing bag AND all their shopping bags, while mother and father walked about eating an ice cream and talking on their phone. Ok, I know there's no real answer to this, but still I wanted to vent"


Kitchen Galatta said...

To say the truth, most people do the same kind of stuff whether its legal or not and whether correct or not. Like hiring maid's daughter or relative to take care of the baby. Worst possible situation: what if the "baby" sitter does not know how to handle the baby aka her Boss? Whos to blame then?

If the parents really do hire little baby sitters to help the maid's family, a nice gesture would be to educate the little kid using the materials they would use to teach their kids a-b-c's.

Mahendhran said...

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